5 Instagrammable Restaurants to Visit in London

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One of my favourite things about London, hands down, is the food. There are restaurants and cafes to suit every taste and budget, and I love that many London eateries are now putting just as much thought into their decor as they do their food. While this is all well and good, it does come with a few dangers - cafes that are more style over substance, for example, and horrendously long queues.

To help you out I’ve put together a list of super Instagrammable restaurants where the food is genuinely great - plus they’re all bookable on Bookatable.co.uk so you won’t have to wait outside for a table!


The decor here is beautiful

Dalloway Terrace at the Bloomsbury Hotel

A common haunt for London’s Instagrammers, Dalloway Terrance is a beautiful restaurant and is definitely one of my favourite foodie spots to photograph in the city. Their decor is on point, tasteful and atmospheric without being overbearing and tacky, plus it’s updated quarterly to match the season. Dining inside feels truly magical and the food is delicious too; during my visit I ordered a pot of English breakfast tea with buttermilk pancakes, topped with berries and maple syrup. It was divine.

As you can imagine, this place gets pretty busy so if you’re hoping to take photos for the ‘gram I would advise getting in touch with them and asking specifically for a table next to their decorated wall - it’s worth it.



I first visited the wonderful Sketch as part of a gifted trip with a book publisher, but I definitely want to make a return visit out of my own pocket. This restaurant is a truly immersive experience, housing 4 separate high concept restaurants and a bar too if you fancy a tipple. You’ve probably seen the Gallery all over Instagram, which is decorated almost entirely in hot pink, but there’s also the Lecture Room & Library, an elegant space serving food with 3 Michelin stars, the Parlour, which has more of a traditional yet chic feel, and the Glade - a woodland wonderland where I had the pleasure of tasting their breakfast menu. The food was just as delicious as I’d hoped (I had a waffle with maple syrup, yum yum yum), and next time I visit I’d love to have afternoon tea in the Gallery! Although really, I want to experience dining in each of those fancy rooms.


Hubbard and Bell at the Hoxton Hotel

Hubbard and Bell at the Hoxton Hotel

The perfect central london spot for brunch and blogging

One of my more recent discoveries, this is a great place to pop by for brunch and then settle down in the lounge area to get some blogging done. As with all of the restaurants on this list, the decor is fab but it also has a really chilled out vibe, which I love. It’s a great everyday spot to grab a burger and catch up with friends.


W/A Kensington at the 100 Queen’s Gate Hotel

Colourful yet stylish, W/A Kensington is a picture perfect restaurant with excellent air conditioning, making it an ideal place to stop by in the height of summer (that’s what I did, it was bliss!). Although I didn’t get chance to sample the food, the menu looks great and it’s very reasonably priced despite the upmarket interior. My sister and I were very impressed with their breakfast tea, which is served in adorable glass teapots. I’d love to go back sometime and have afternoon tea in their neighbouring restaurant, Botanica.


Bluebird Cafe

Bluebird Cafe

I adore their floral swing!

My last recommendation is a west London gem, located close to Westfield shopping centre. The decor here is an Instagrammer’s dream - there’s even a floral swing in the seating area outside, which of course I posed for many photos with (thanks Stacey, you’re a good friend). This is another restaurant that’s ideal for bloggers to visit with their laptops, as it doesn’t get too busy at the weekend.

There are many more amazing places to eat in London so do expect to see more blog posts like this as I continue to eat my way around the city! Feel free to drop me a message on Instagram if you would like some more recommendations and do check out the Bookatable website here to browse the restaurants in your local area.

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